Aesthetic Dental Services

Laser Teeth Whitening

The Gold Standard in Teeth Whitening compared to other whitening sources. First professional chairside Teeth Whitening Procedure in Singapore and Asia and remains the most effective whitening treatment after 20 years. Whitens up to 15 whiter shades on the VITA Shade Guide and treats both external and intrinsic stains, including deepest stains. 1 single treatment. No Trays or Home Maintenance required.

Invisalign and Other Aligners

If you have been searching for a solution for crowded, crooked and Mal-aligned teeth, you would have read about Invisalign, E cligners and many brands that provide clear plastic aligners to move teeth into more ideal positions. These have a role to play in the alignment of teeth in some situations. The key is to assess and recommend the most appropriate solution for your condition. At Smile Inc.® we will assess the extent of your mal-alignment and your objectives to recommend the most appropriate treatment modality which may or may not include these aligners. The solution may also involve more than one treatment modality or a multidisciplinary approach.